Honda Ruckus CVT Transmission Kit 2003-2016

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Rolling Wrench has put together this bolt on perfomance CVT transmission kit for your Honda Ruckus (this fits all Honda Ruckus's from 2003 to 2016 GET motor). This kit comes pretty well assembled (check out the picture). This kit takes no time at all to install and offers a big power gain for the money. This kit will come with a belt, clutch, spacer, variator, variator slider guides and a variator tuning kit. You will be re-using your variator fan and both clutch and variator nuts. What makes this kit so special? The clutch has been outfitted with performance clutch springs, performance secondary clutch springs, the clutch has larger clutch pads, a performance secondary slider and is also much lighter. The varitor is teflon-coated to keep debris from building up in return keeps rollers from flattening, not to mention this variator is much lighter. A lighter CVT allows lighter rotating mass, this give you better performance. This is the only performance bolt on CVT we know of for the Ruckus!
Included in this tuning kit are 12 sets of 3 rollers, for a total of 36 roller weights. These sets range from 3g to 14g. Combining 2 sets of rollers allows you to tune with a large variance of weights sets!


TIPS: Lighter roller weights will increase the overall engine RPM speed.
Heavier weights will lower the overall engine RPM.

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