Honda Ruckus Plug & Play EVI Performance CDI/Coil Combo
Honda Ruckus Plug & Play EVI Performance CDI/Coil Combo
Rolling Wrench

Honda Ruckus Plug & Play EVI Performance CDI/Coil Combo

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***We recommend adding an iridium spark plug to complete your high class ignition system.***

 Click here for the plug

 Rolling Wrench EVI Motor Brain: This Performance CDI coil combo is specifically designed for the 50cc Honda Ruckus (2002 - 2020), this is not a universal CDI like others on the market. This is a performance CDI box and coil in one, no need to purchase a CDI box and a performance coil, this is a all in one solution.

We have made this Unit plug and play, no cutting or splicing wires of any type. 20 min install.

How does it work? Our EVI Motor brain bypasses the stock Honda Ruckus ignition system completely and is replaced by a tuned and tested much much better solution. Within the software the rev limiter has been removed, and the timing has been advanced resulting in better acceleration and better top speed.


All of the wiring is done in house for quality control to make for a mega simple install. This setup will work even if your Ruckus is stretched (up to a 14 inch stretch).

(Custom built ships out 4-5 business days)

Why should you have this on your ruckus?

-32,000 volt ⚡️Arc at the plug! (This thing is like a mini stun gun)

-Advances ignition timing & removes the factory rev-limiter

- Better fuel economy

- Kill switch will still work after the install (unlike any others on the market)

- Quicker acceleration 

- Higher top speed


Results could be different (depending on your mods, weight, year of Ruckus, altitude and terrain)

2002-2006 Ruckus factory rev limiter is set at 8000 rpm. (Video testing was done on a 2006) 

2006- 2019 Ruckus factory rev limiter is at 8850 rpm.

**THIS WILL NOT WORK ON ON Honda Zoomer **


We also sale the NCY performance Cdi box that is very nice as well: click here


                                     (Custom built Ships out 4-5 business days)


  • The following items are not acceptable for return: All High-Performance Parts, Electrical Items (Battery Chargers, Controllers, CDIs, Regulators, Stators, etc.), Oils/Chemicals (consumables) or any used parts

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