Honda Ruckus plug & play performance CDI/coil combo

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  • $200.00

Here we have the plug and play Honda ruckus performance micro processor CDI ignition coil combo. We have personally wired this unit up to make this a simple 15 minute installed. We have  lengthened the spark plug wire, shorten wires, and installed connectors to make this a clean and super simple install. 

Why should you have this on your ruckus?

-32,000 volt ⚡️Arc at the plug! (This thing is like a mini stun gun)

-no rev limiter

- better fuel economy 

- quicker acceleration 

- higher top speed


we recommend this set up with an iridium spark plug to compete your high class ignition system.


We also sale the NCY performance Cdi box that is very nice , but doesn't even come close to this guy!