Honda Ruckus NCY performance CDI box

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If you are looking to get a performance jump on your Honda Ruckus, this is definitely a solution. This NCY CDI box will raise your top speed and increase the overall engine performance. This little box intercepts the signal from the original OEM CDI box and removes the factory rev limiter and advances the timing. In turn this will make you smile :-) There is no removing any existing parts. The only down fall is you will loose your kill switch function. The scooter can still be killed with the key just not the switch, however you will need your kill switch in the "RUN" position to start her up. Below is DYNO sheet. This shows actual proof that this kit improves the performance of your Honda Ruckus. If you want even more, pair this kit with our Honda Ruckus Performance CVT kit or our complete ignition kit. Below is a quick install video as well.