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Basics of a carburetor: The carburetor consists of four components:  Pilot Jet - this controls the amount of fuel when idling Main Jet - this controls the fuel when you open up the throttle (between 50 and 100 percent power) Jet Needle - this controls the fuel when you open and close the throttle (between 20 and 80 percent power) Needle Jet - this is what the jet needle pops in and out of (between 15 to 60 percent of throttle ______________________________________________ Main jet tuning: perfect air fuel ratio is 12.5-1 Denver formula for 70 degrees at 5300 feet is...

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Ruckus performance -

Do you think your Honda ruckus is to slow? I thought so :-) Everyone want a faster scooter. There is a solution! Check out our Honda Ruckus CVT transmission kit. Pair this with a NCY CDI box and a promise you will have a smile on your face! It doesn't stop there. We can install a custom exhaust (kinda loud not for everyone) and a 20mm carburetor (the stock one is 13mm) so your machine can breath. Right now its its like your scooter is running a marathon with its hand over its mouth. By upgrading the carburetor and pipe...

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Chinese scooter, gy6, qmb139, rocketa, scooter, taotao, wolf scooter -

Don't get discouraged read the entire Blog! As you may already know it is very difficult to find some one to work on your Chinese scooter. Why? Because there is no support for these scooters (well most of them). It is difficult to find parts, service manuals, and what actual year make and model scooter you own. The good news is Rolling Wrench works on Chinese scooters and we have for almost 10 years! We can get you parts, a service manual, and we work on them as well! I would say we are Chinese scooter experts. In a nut...

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