Chinese Scooter 49cc to 80cc Big Bore Kit {{With or without performance head}}
Chinese Scooter 49cc to 80cc Big Bore Kit {{With or without performance head}}
Rolling Wrench

Chinese Scooter 49cc to 80cc Big Bore Kit {{With or without performance head}}

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If you are looking to get a little more power out of your scooter, this is by far the best bang for your buck! This will convert your 49cc engine to a 80cc engine. The take off speed will be twice as good and the top speed will increase a bit. This will solve the dreaded loss of speed going up hills. Your fresh 80cc big bore kit will now have the muscle to push you up hills and help with the take off speed from a dead stop. No more people honking at you for going slow as a snail get the picture! This kit is what you need! At Rolling Wrench we use nothing but the best. We install these kits on a regular basis, it took a lot of different kits for us to find a big bore kit that actually holds up and is reliable. We did a lot of testing with the eBay/amazon kits  failed over time almost every time. The 80cc kit is the ticket. These are fairly simple to install especially since we put together a "how to install a big bore kit" video. Any questions just ask!

Remove your valve from your scooter's head and meaure the full length of the valve stem. Some scooters like Znen(Wolf Brand, GMW, Bintelli, etc), some newer TaoTao and other 50cc 4-stroke scooters may have valve stem length over 64mm.

This kit includes 64mm rocker arms. 


This 80cc big bore kit will fit the models below

- Any machine with a QMB139 / 139QMB / GY6 50 (4-stoke) engines.

- All Taotao 49cc/50cc scooters.

- All Roketa 49cc/50cc scooters.

- All Puma 49cc/50cc scooters.

- All SunL 49cc/50cc scooters.

- All wolf / Gorilla 49cc/50cc scooters.

- All Znen 49cc/50cc scooters.

- All Tank 49cc/50cc scooters.

- All Peace 49cc/50cc scooters.

- All Bali 49cc/50cc scooters.

- All Linhai 49cc/50cc scooters.

- All CF Motos 49cc/50cc scooters.

- All Xingue 49cc/50cc scooters.

- All Zongshen 49cc/50cc scooters.

- All Bintelli 49cc/50cc scooters.

- All X-Treme 49cc/50cc scooters.

- All Shwinn 49cc/50cc scooters.

- All Lance 49cc/50cc scooters.

- All Jonway 49cc/50cc scooters.

- All Baccio 49cc/50cc scooters.

- All Panterra 49cc/50cc scooters.

Want to know exactly how to install this kit? We have a step by step install video click here.

GY6 torque settings click here

How do I know if this kit will fit my engine? Watch the video below:

To purchase the 45 min. install video for $1 click here


 We have a no-return or exchange policy on all performance parts. Upgrading to a performance part may degrade the original reliability of your scooter.  

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