How to clean a Honda Ruckus carburetor Full HD 30 min. video

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In this video we will show you step by step how to clean the carburetor on your Honda Ruckus (1999-2017). We are experts on the Honda Ruckus! Learn what took us years to learn in under 30 minutes. We will share with you all the tips and tricks to clean the carburetor on your own Honda Ruckus saving you hundreds! This is a step by step video. No general ideas here like you find in service manuals. If your Ruckus has been sitting for anymore than a month you could need a carburetor clean. This is a very common issue. When gas sits in the carburetor for any more then a month it starts to get gummy and cloggs up the small ports inside the carburetor. All you need is basic tools and a can of carburetor cleaner (this can be purchased at any auto parts store). Enjoy the video.

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