Hond Ruckus Performance upgrades

Ruckus performance


Do you think your Honda ruckus is to slow? I thought so :-) Everyone want a faster scooter. There is a solution! Check out our Honda Ruckus CVT transmission kit. Pair this with a coil combo and a promise you will have a smile on your face! It doesn't stop there. We can install a custom exhaust (kinda loud not for everyone) and a 20mm carburetor (the stock one is 13mm) so your machine can breath. Right now its its like your scooter is running a marathon with its hand over its mouth. By upgrading the carburetor and pipe your scooter can breath and you will really see the benefit! One thing to know is anytime you increase the performance you are giving up some of the reliability. With that said we have not had any issue with these upgrades, but its something you should know. You can purchase all the parts from us and you do the install or we can do it(assuming you live in the Denver metro area).

Click here to buy the CVT transmission kit

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