Zuma / Vino Malossi performance kit
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Zuma / Vino Malossi performance kit

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Part of performance tuning is knowing what pairs together. This is a easy to purchase all in one 2 stroke performance kit. All great quality parts that work together. This kit will really wake up your scooter. Everything is supplied in the kit. If you want to take it one step further, add a bigger carburetor to your order

Fits Yamaha zuma / vino 2002-2011.

Kit includes:

-Malossi Sport 70cc cylinder kit

-Variator Malossi multivar

- Exhaust Malossi Wild Lion

- Main jet set Stage6 80-102 6mm

- Spark plug BR9HS

- Malossi 16x13 7.0g roller

- Malossi white torque spring (Soft).

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