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Honda Navi CDI/Coil Combo EVI - Unrestricted

Honda Navi CDI/Coil Combo EVI - Unrestricted

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Want an easy solution to get more top speed out of your Honda Navi? This is our Honda Navi EVI. It’s a performance micro processor unrestricted CDI box with an integrated performance ignition coil. This baby pumps out 32,000 AC volts at the spark plug, which improves throttle response! Not to mention this CDI box is unrestricted.

The stock Honda Navi has a rev limit of 8,700rpm. That is what limits your top speed. Our EVI deletes that rev limiter. We have had our Navi up to 10,500rpm! This will unlock the engine’s full capability. If you wish to set your own rev limit, there is a dial on the bottom of the EVI that will allow you to custom set your rev limiter. We are not responsible for over reving your engine. Use common sense (you can lower or raise the rev limit with dial, it’s a trial and error process, you will need a tachometer to properly adjust this.) This unrestricted CDI coil combo has everything you could ever ask for out of a unrestricted CDI. This EVI bypasses the factory Navi ignition system. It’s 100% plug and play. No splicing or cutting wires of any sort.



*There is no warranty or returns on electrical items*


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