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Titanium Nut / Washer (For a Clutch, Variator or Flywheel)

Titanium Nut / Washer (For a Clutch, Variator or Flywheel)

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Want to lighten up your drive train, or make your engine look much better? Chinese zinc coated factory nuts need a major update. These titanium nuts are pretty dang sweet! These nuts and washers will fit all GY6 (qmj157) engines. In specific the variator, clutch and flywheel. Although they have a crazy shape, standard sockets will fit them perfectly, no special tools needed. Looks much better and gives a slight performance gain (lighter rotating mass)

These titanium nuts & washers are 11g lighter per unit. If you do all 3 you will save 33g of weight. That’s pretty impressive considering the look much better and are stronger than stock.

Add as many as you need, we recommend 3 so you can one for your clutch, one for your variator and one for your fly wheel. All of them use the same thread pitch and same nut size.


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