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Rolling Wrench

Ruckus 007 Secret Indicator Buttons

Ruckus 007 Secret Indicator Buttons

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If you’re looking for some really unique buttons for your Honda Ruckus, these 007 secret indicator buttons are sweet! You are probably familiar with our standard start / kill buttons. (If not CLICK HERE) These are next level! Although the left button is a kill button and the right button is a start button, you wouldn’t know that. These switches are disguised as indicators. But we didn’t stop there. We swapped the (left)high beam indicator that isn’t commonly  used, for a much more useful signal light. Nothing is more embarrassing and not to mention unsafe, then having your blinker going for miles and miles! Next we upped our game with a strobing low fuel light. These also look much better! They are bigger and more up to date. You will need to open up the existing battery box holes 19mm (3/4mm drill bit) with a drill bit ( a stepped bit is what we use). I know all this sounds complicated, but just watch the video. It’s much easier to understand then reading all this…if you made it this far! 

ONE VERY IMPORTANT THING TO NOTE: These will only work if you are running the stock Honda Ruckus ECU. Meaning: It will work on all 50cc ruckuses and any GY6 Ruckus Utilizing the Rolling Wrench GY6 wiring harness.

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