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QMB139 2.6mm stroker crankshaft

QMB139 2.6mm stroker crankshaft

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Do you reaaalllly want to max out and upgrade your qmb139 engine? This 2.6mm stroker crankshaft will do the trick. This puppy even comes with the crank bearings installed. We recommend purchasing an extra base gasket Incase you need. You use the gasket to lengthen the cylinder a bit.

  • Thread Size (tapered side): M10x1.2
  • Overall length: 247mm
  • Thread Size (spline side): M12x1.25
  • Bearing Outer Diameter (tapered side): 42mm
  • Bearing Outer Diameter (spline side): 47mm
  • Number of Splines: 26
  • Connecting Rod Inner Diameter: 13mm
  • Number of Teeth (oil pump drive gear): 16

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