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ProBld GY6 8.2mm Stroker Crankshaft

ProBld GY6 8.2mm Stroker Crankshaft

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This is our ProBld 8.2mm stroker performance crankshaft. This is 100% better quality then that stock GY6 crank shaft in your engine now. Here is how the math works with this crank shaft

180cc(63mm bore)  with this crankshaft turns to 206cc

 NOTE: In most cases the piston skirt will need to be trimmed a couple mm, unless the cylinder kit is specifically ordered for the 8.2mm crank. Other wise the skirt will hit the crank on the way down its stroke.

This is the 8.2mm stroker crank only. Don’t forget to get the proper longer timing chain, tensioner, timing chain guides and studs. We can help build you an estimate without the worry of wrong parts. CLICK HERE


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