lowered NCY low down scooter shock (black)

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If you are looking for that low and stretched Honda Ruckus look, here ya go! This shock will give you that low down dirty look I know you are trying to achieve. This shock is 235mm long with the perfect design to adapt that GY6 engine to your Ruckus, Not only will it look sweet! but it will ride smooth swell! This shock will also fit on Genuine buddy (slams your scoot down 1.5 inches from stock) scooter as well! 

This Low Down Shock is constructed of an anodized black billet body, 550lbs/in coil, and features an adjustable length and spring pre-load.

Size: 235mm, Eye to Clevis (Top=Eye, Bottom=Clevis), Adjustable

This shock will not work on a stock ruckus or metro. This is intended to be used with the GY6 engine.