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Kymco Air Cooled Malossi 49cc/50cc to 72cc Big Bore Cylinder Kit

Kymco Air Cooled Malossi 49cc/50cc to 72cc Big Bore Cylinder Kit

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If you are looking to get more power out of your Kymco 50 scooter this big bore kit is the answer! The install in fairly easy and bang for buck its the best out there. This kit will convert your engine from a 49cc to a fire breathing 72cc :-). The take off speed will fill like double the power and the top speed will increase. Most importantly you wont loose speed on the hills like you use to. You may need to rejet the carburetor to adapt to the larger displacement on your Kymco. One thing that you must do after the install of your Kymco air cooled 72cc kit,  is at the gas pump add a cap full of oil to to your gas tank(about a 1 oz). This is very important! The oil injection pump on your 2-stroke is made for a 49cc scooter and you will be installing a 72cc. This will ensure your motor is getting the extra oil it desires. 

This Malossi Kymco cylinder kit is made in Italy by a company that races scooters and is top notch. This kit is made from Laminate caset irion. It has a recalculated heat exchange surface, a much larger and smoother transfer and exhaust port for maximum efficiency. The piston pin is reinforced, and the pistons alloy aluminum is made with a high silicon content.......... To make a long story short this kit is not only more powerful, but is made to last (as long as you add that exra oz of oil at the pump :-))

If you have a Kymco people and want even more power! Here ya go:


This Malossi 72cc big bore cylinder kit will fit all air cooled Horizontal Kymco engines This includes:

Kymco People 49cc/50cc 2-stroke (air-cooled)

Kymco Super 8 49cc/50cc 2-stroke (air-cooled)

Kymco Super 9 49cc/50cc 2-stroke  (air-cooled)

Kymco Cobra 49cc/50cc 2-stroke   (air-cooled)

Kymco Yup 49cc/50cc 2-stroke   (air-cooled) 

Kymco Vitality 49cc/50cc 2-stroke   (air-cooled) 

Kymco Like 49cc/50cc 2-stroke   (air-cooled) 



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