Honda Ruckus Stainless Steel performance Exhaust

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This Honda Ruckus megaphone performance exhaust is easily bolted on in place of the oem exhaust. It has a throaty sound. If you want it even louder it has a removable baffle. This performance exhaust kit comes with everything you need to adapt this exhaust. You can even keep the rear fender in place with built in bracket if you would like. This exhaust is designed to be used with the stock rear wheel. If your Ruckus has a aftermarket wide Tire you will need to modify the exhaust to fit. This is hands down the best bang for you exhaust buck. This is a full stainless steel and chrome plated exhaust system. The exhaust comes in two different size choices. 16mm ( to be uses with the stock carburetor) or 25mm (this should only be used with 19mm or larger carburetor. You will loose performance if you choose this exhaust and run the stock carburetor, but runs amazing with a larger carburetor.