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Rolling Wrench

QMB139 Variator (Teflon Coated)

QMB139 Variator (Teflon Coated)

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If you are looking for the ultimate variator for your Chinese scoot (QMB139) this is the ticket! Especially when paired with Dr. Pulley sliders. It’s lighter and it’s even Teflon coated. The coating help with longevity and makes for a smoother transition. 

We recommend 5G if you are under 200 lbs and if you are 200+ lbs go with 4.5G with the stock clutch set up. You will get much better acceleration and maybe even a little more top speed. The lighter slider weight the better acceleration but less top speed, with a heavier slider weight you will get a better top speed and less acceleration. It's a fine line to choose from. You have to choose what is more important to you. 

Don't forget you add our EVI Motor Brain to the mix.

* You will reuse your original back plate*

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