Honda Ruckus / metro  NCY variator Kit
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Honda Ruckus / metro NCY variator Kit

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There is a better variator than Polini you know! This sucker! The NCY Teflon Coated variator (keeps debris from sticking to the surface resulting in longer lasting sliders/rollers) with Dr.Pulley sliders and the NCY drive face. All you need to do is  choose your slider weight. We like 5g if you are under 200 lbs and if you are 200+ lbs go with 4.5g. With the stock clutch set up. You will get much better acceleration and maybe even a little more top speed. Huge upgrade over stock! Pair this with our Honda Ruckus / metro Cdi coil combo and ahhhhh! Secret sauce!!! 


STOCK RUCKUS MOTOR (GET engine) 2002-2020

STOCK METROPOLITAN (GET engine) 2002-2012



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