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Honda Ruckus / Maddog LED Light Bar With High/Low Beam

Honda Ruckus / Maddog LED Light Bar With High/Low Beam

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Give your Ruckus or Maddog that modern look! This dual LED light bar is bright as hell! Annnnd it has high and low beam integrated. This is rare with light bars. It comes with the triple tree bracket that holds the headlight in place. The light is adjustable up and down for the perfect angle. It will need to be wired up to your bike. It’s not plug and play. It’s super easy.

Only 3 wires: high and low beam power and ground.

maddogs will need the mounting bracket holes opened up a bit for a properly fit.

Works with DC systems only. If you own a Maddog and DO NOT have the DC headlight conversion make sure to add this DC conversion plug to you order. Otherwise you will blow the headlights and there ain't no comin' back from that! 


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