Honda PCX Reveno clutch 2.0
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Honda PCX Reveno clutch 2.0

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The PCX Reveno clutch 2.0 is some next level stuff! The 2.0 is slightly better for stop and go traffic then the 1.0. Although it doesn’t grab as hard (a little smoother). This clutch has Better weather proof properties and has a slightly different clutch bell design along with a wider range to tune. If you are looking for more of aggressive clutch go with the 1.0. Seriously the clutch is a game changer. This is a dry motorcycle style clutch for a scooter. Whaaat! The is clutch is 500 grams lighter that your stock GY6 clutch, it grabs harder, and eliminates the clutch vibration. Not to mention it is beautiful! The only down fall is, you get that dry clutch sound at idle. Much like a Ducati clutch. When you install this clutch expect to tune your variator to match the clutch.

Need to rebuild your Reveno clutch? Click here for the kit


IMPORTANT: Go easy for the first 150 miles. The clutch need to break in!!!

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