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H4 LED SUPER / MEGA Headlights - ProBld

H4 LED SUPER / MEGA Headlights - ProBld

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Want to upgrade the headlights on your motorcycle or scooter? These H4 LED headlights are the answer. We offer two different strengths for our LED upgrade bulbs (sold per bulb, not as a pair). The first set we call the “SUPER LED HEADLIGHT BULB” and the second is the “MEGA LED HEADLIGHT BULB”.

For comparison, your stock halogen bulb puts out about 1400 lumens. The “super” is a direct replacement for any H4 headlight, pumping out 28w and 3700 lumens per bulb (7400 lumens per pair). Thats 2.5x brighter than stock, and you can tell! If you want the best of the best, we offer our 63w “Mega”. Now these puppies are bright! Pumping out 6500k lumens per bulb (13k lumens per pair). That’s 4.5x brighter than stock. Never worry about bad night vision again! You will definitely need a charging system upgrade if you haven’t done that already, meaning you must have a 18 pole stator (all of our GY6 harness are 18 pole). By the way, both bulbs are water proof and fan cooled. No need to worry when it rains or when washing your hotrod.

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