GY6 Ruckus wiring harness (20 min install)

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Here we have the GY6 swap adaptor harness. This harness will allow you to use all of your oem controls, wiring harness, fuel pump, and even kill the engine with the kill switch correctly (unlike most harnesses they are reversed). With the GY6 swap harness you will have your Ruckus running on the GY6 150cc in around 20 min. No splicing, cutting, or soldering of any kind. We use all oem connector and tefzel wire(military grade better than OEM). Not to mention everything comes in the kit! No adding more parts to the kit to make it complete. You will get:

pre wired 11 pole stator with OEM plugs

flywheel puller (to install the new stator)

Rolling Wrench CDI box with ignition coil ( performance 32k volt no rev limit) 

hand control adaptor plugs

starter solenoid with rubber protection cover

OEM to GY6 choke adaptor plug

starter wire (thick gauge) 


 NO EXTRAS TO BUY, THIS KIT COMES WITH EVERYTHING TO WIRE UP YOUR RUCKUS TO RUN THE GY6 ENGINE! Be sure your original harness is complete and not modified for this to function on your Ruckus. Also you must use the original fuel pump, if your original pump is unplugged it will not start with the electric start. If you plan to use a vacuum fuel pump (huge downgrade) you will need to alter the original harness.

If your existing factory wiring harness is toast and needs replaced we those too. Click here



- No downgrading wires and design.

- We use a micro processor performance ignition (CDI/COIL) with this kit. This is a giant upgrade from stock!

- No reverse kill switch (kill is start and start is kill)

- No downgrading your fuel pump (keep the Honda electronic fuel pump)

- No Chinese rectifier regulator downgrade. Keep the quality Japanese Honda rectifier regulator.

- Everything functions like a stock Ruckus

- No extras to buy (unlike most others). Our kit even comes with a puller to install our new stator.

- Save hours of install time. Our harness can be installed in around 20 minutes.

- The wires we do use are better than factory Honda (tefzel brand)

- Works with all stretch kit (wide or skinny)


You must use the stock fuel pump. A vacuum fuel pump will not work. Who would want to down grade anyways :-)
A vacuum fuel pump only pumps fuel while the engine is cranking. The stock fuel pump starts pumping before the start button is even pushed. When you let your Ruckus sit for a few days the fuel bleeds out of the fuel lines. The next time you try to start the Ruckus it cranks forever before it starts. This is the reason the stock fuel pump is a must! Other harnesses on the market require a vacuum pump. (Booooo!)


Please allow 4-5 days for production.


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