GY6 125cc/150cc Red Pod Air Filter
GY6 125cc/150cc Red Pod Air Filter
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GY6 125cc/150cc Red Pod Air Filter

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If you are upgrading your engine to 125cc/150cc GY6 QMJ157 engine this is the pod filter you need! This is a UNI foam pod filter will give your engine the breathing it deserves! If you have a big bulky air box on your GY6 engine, get rid of that sucker and get some thing that breathes. We always recommend upgrading  the exhaust system to a performance one in the process! If you have more air coming into the engine you should send more exhaust out to match it. This will complete your upgrade.

This will fit all stock carburetors on the GY6 Ruckus/Metro, Buddy 125c-170cc, People 125cc/150cc, and any carburetor or throttle body with a 44mm (+- 5mm) opening

  • Angle: 15°
  • Inner Diameter:(44mm size of the part that clamps to your carburetor)
  • Outer Diameter:(89mm)
  • Length: 4 inches

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