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GY6 CVK Carburetor - 125cc (QMI152) /150cc (QMJ157)

GY6 CVK Carburetor - 125cc (QMI152) /150cc (QMJ157)

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This GY6 direct replacement carburetor is the perfect solution to your GY6 125cc or 150cc engine! This is jetted for sea level. If you are planning on upgrading the intake system to a pod filter, or the exhaust to something fancy, we have jets, pod filters, and exhaust systems you may want to toss in your order.

This carburetor comes complete with the electronic shock!

- Includes Electric Choke
- Inner Diameter (Intake Side): 24mm
- Outer Diameter (Intake Side): 32mm
- Inner Diameter (Air Filter Side): 38mm
- Outer Diameter (Air Filter Side): 43mm
- Open & Adjustable Enrichment Screw
- Main Jet Size: #100
- Idle Jet Size: #35

This carburetor is designed to work with all 125cc and 150cc GY6 scooter engines.

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