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ProBld Lowered Disk Brake Stance Forks - METRO / RUCKUS

ProBld Lowered Disk Brake Stance Forks - METRO / RUCKUS

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If you are upgrading to disk brake wheels and need the forks to support them, these ProBld lowered stance forks are a must! Not so low you scrap on everything and the ride is bad, not so high it looks dorky, but the perfect stance! Keep in mind the stock Ruckus and Metro forks have a springs and grease! They make for a terrible ride! These forks are 3 inches lower than stock, but ride amazing! They are oil filled hydraulic telescopic forks. These accept a 12mm axle (stock is 10mm) to fit those aftermarket hubs. These are made in Taiwan, not China. The good stuff! You can choose between anodized black or raw silver. We offer a ton of accessories for these forks. I’ll add the list below.

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