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Billet Master Cylinder control Lever’s Disk/Drum brakes [ProBld]

Billet Master Cylinder control Lever’s Disk/Drum brakes [ProBld]

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This is our ProBld master cylinder and perch kit. We designed these with everything we would want out of master cylinders / perch kit. They feature flip up levers for getting out of the garage and not scratching the car or if you crash they won’t break off, but rather flip up. They also have brake sensors with long enough brake sensor wires to reach your wiring on both left master and left perch (plug & play). Most perch levers on the market do not have a brake sensor. If you want to add one, you’re talking an additional $30 or so. The brake sensor and wire is included. Not to mention there is a place to mount mirrors as well. These are to be used only with front disk rear cable drum brakes.


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