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Car Play Speedo Gauge w/ dash cameras - Chigee AIO-5 lite

Car Play Speedo Gauge w/ dash cameras - Chigee AIO-5 lite

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This is about the coolest thing you can add to any motorcycle or scooter (especially the Honda Ruckus). This gauge is equipped with front and rear camera's with Sony sensors for security. The rear doubles as blind spot monitoring!! What! Blind spot monitoring on a bike! Sweet! Not only that, this is one of the first touch screen gauges you can adapt to any motorcycle and connect your phone for screen mirroring via apple CarPlay or Android Auto. To make things even more tech rich you have the option of adapting tire pressure monitoring sensors or a hands free controller! The most exciting part is the OBD port (available July 2024) to wirelessly monitor all your EFI’s engines data in real time! This dash installs in less then an 30 minutes. Very very easy install. The “Chigee AIO-5” is the real deal! W
e became the first dealer in the USA! These are made in Taiwan and we import them. We couldn't pass up the opportunity...... Sooo Cooool!  

Simple 4 wires install:

power wire (negative & positive to battery / yellow to 12v key)

Front & rear camera wires - to cameras

GPS wire to GPS module

 Want the tire pressor / temp sensors? CLICK HERE

Want the wireless remote? CLICK HERE

All the other addition accessories are at the very bottom of the page

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