Adjustable performance CDI box AC volts

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This Adjustable performance ac cdi box is a great addition to your scooter build! If your CDI box has gone out or you are just looking to squeeze a lttle bit more out of your hotrod, here ya go. With this box you will have the ability to advance or retard the timing. This is great to get your tune perfect! This will not fit the stock Ruckus only the GY6 Ruckus.

This will fit all:

gy6 engines (with a/c cdi)

qmb139 engines (with a/c cdi)

Genuine Buddy 125cc-150cc

Taotao 49cc-150cc (with a/c cdi)

SunL 49cc-150cc (with a/c cdi)

ALL chinese scooters 49cc-232cc (with a/c cdi)