20mm Honda Ruckus Complete Carburetor Kit - PROBLD
20mm Honda Ruckus Complete Carburetor Kit - PROBLD

20mm Honda Ruckus Complete Carburetor Kit - PROBLD

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  If you are looking to squeeze the most out of your stock Honda Ruckus engine (GET engine), this is the ticket. The stock carburetor is a diaphragm style 15mm carburetor. This is a 20mm round slide carburetor. These can be a little tricky to tune, but the reward is worth it! We have tuned these carburetors using a wide band O2 sensor to get the perfect (or at leased close) jetting. We will send the carburetor out with the needle adjusted to the ideal spot, the air screw adjusted, and both pilot and main jet installed for a very close tune using a 26mm exhaust header. These carburetors have to be modified to fit, and we have done that for you. Keep in mind you will loose the automatic choke function, it will be come a manual set up with a finger lever. This carburetor kit comes with everything you need. It is completely modified, jetted, and put together for you. All you need to do is install it and fine tune. We will supply a smaller pilot jet and main jet kit. It doesn’t get any easier with this type of carburetor. And the results are nuts! This is one of my favorite upgrades!!


- air filter

- angled filter hose 

- intake manifold

-pilot and main jets (comes with sea level and high altitude jets) 

- jet kit

- throttle cable IN BLACK (76 inches)

We recommend running this carburetor with a free flowing exhaust.

These are built to order expect a 4-5 day delay