190cc GY6 high performance engine
190cc GY6 high performance engine
190cc GY6 high performance engine
190cc GY6 high performance engine
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190cc GY6 high performance engine

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Are you looking for a monster 190cc GY6 engine for your Honda Ruckus, Genuine Buddy, go kart, or custom scooter? No prob! We build performance motors. we will start the build with brand new engine cases bored out the fit the massive 63mm cylinder. We will then install a performance stroker crankshaft with crank bearings into the engine case. With both the stroker crank shaft and 63mm big bore kit this make your GY6 (A) a 187.97cc. We will then complete the build with a performance cylinder head with larger valves, a 30mm carburetor with a larger intake manifold, a hight output starter and starter clutch, a performance CVT transmission kit, a new set of gaskets, and finally a pod style air filter. The carburetor jetting and exhaust system will be up to you. Jetting varies with  different altitudes through out the united states. It will need to be tuned to your altitude. Remember there is no warranty on performance products so it is important to break in the engine properly. Vary the engine RPMs while riding not pushing the motor to hard. Change the oil at 100 miles and your good! After placing this order expect 2-3 weeks lead time as we build this motor for you. Your gonna love it!


What is included in the price:

Brand new engine cases with transmission gears

2.5mm stroker crank

63mm big bore kit

big valve head

CVT performance transmission kit

gaskets set for bored cases

high volume oil pump

high torque starter

high torque starter clutch

28mm oko carb with cable

large intake manifold

Pod air filter

Our labor for assembly

NOTE: exhaust and shock is not included. The engine will come with the stock kickstart cover with kickstart. Fine tuning will need to be done by you. We will get it as close as possible using a jetting chart.


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