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Rolling Wrench

18 Pole Ruckus Stator & Magneto For GY6 (QMJ157)

18 Pole Ruckus Stator & Magneto For GY6 (QMJ157)

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If you have one of our Rolling Wrench Ruckus GY6 wiring harness and want to upgrade your charging system to the max 18 pole system, this is the kit! Now you can run full time sound systems, wide band o2 sensors annnd if you ever upgrade to fuel injection you will need this. The stock Honda Ruckus engine has a 18 pole stator and now your GY6 can too! We had these 18 pole stators custom made to fit the GY6 engine perfectly! We even shortened the wires so you don’t have all that extra slack in wires! Now it’s nice and clean :-). This is to be used with our Rolling Wrench wiring harness only. If you try to add this to a different wiring harness most likely you don’t have the rectifier regulator to support the high powered stator. This kit comes with the 18 pole stator and flywheel to match (your old flywheel won’t work, it’s to small) and of course this stator is 100% plug and play. 

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