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Michelin Scooter Tire Lettering

Michelin Scooter Tire Lettering

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Looking for a little pizazz? These Michelin tire letters are pretty dang cool! Much larger than the stock lettering (if you painted them) , but not so large you have to trim them. We designed this kit for scooters. Most kits on the market come in a pack with the super large lettering that hardly fits, as you noticed in the video. Not to mention, you only get one size. Most scooters have different size side wall on the front and rear. This kit will come with 2 front Michelin tire stickers and 2 larger Michelin rear tire stickers. The manufacturer says no glue is needed, they are self adhering. Of course you can add rubber cement or any sort of other glue if you would like. Just be sure your tires are incredibly clean if you want them to stick. We are not responsible for the outcome of your install.


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