Honda Metropolitan 95cc Big bore kit performance package 2013-2015

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 This Honda Metropolitan 2013-2015 95cc performance package will convert your 38 mph snail scooter into a 50 mph lightning bolt  :-)  when doing a big bore kit by itself the top speed doesn't change. It remains 38 mph, but it gets there superfast. In order to do the big bore kit and have it run correctly it will need a tuner to add more fuel to the engine via the fuel injection system.  To make the scooter have a higher Top speed now that you have the muscle to push the scooter, the transmission kit Then needs to be installed. All of the parts and pieces come in the kit to get her scooter to a 50 mph top speed.  Depending on your weight and altitude the top speed could change.  There is one modification that needs to be done in order to properly adapt the intake manifold to the head (re drilling holes). There will no longer be a oil pressure switch or a narrow band 02 sensor.   These simply get zip tied out of the way.  The top speed and torque is very impressive. Even with the stock exhaust and stock air filter it almost sounds like a 50cc.  Keep in mind this will only fit Honda Metropolitan's 2013, 2014, and 2015s. This is the air cooled Fuel Injected engine (metro's slowest engine from the factory)