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GY6 Final Drive Lightweight Gears

GY6 Final Drive Lightweight Gears

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This is our new ProBld light weight final drive gears (20% lighter). Lighter rotating mass helps the engine spool up faster. Giving you a bit of both worlds. Revs up faster then a traditional gear up kit, while increasing the top speed. Do keep in mind, this kit will increase your top speed, however you will loose some low end power do the higher gearing. If your engine has more than enough bottom end power, this will work out perfect! If not, we recommend a big bore kit, variator slider, or even a CVT kit. All you need is basic tools and a press to install these gears.

If you don't have a press, no problem we can press the gears into a new counter shaft gear before we send them out. This will make for an extremely easy install. If you would like this option, click here. This listing is for the gears only (no gasket or oil included). Choose your specific engine size in the drop down.

This will work with the Chinese QMI152 or QMJ157 engine (GY6 Ruckus swapped engines)


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