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Pro Intake Spacer

Pro Intake Spacer

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If you have a GY6 engine and your carburetor or throttle body needs to be raised up from the motor to clear the frame or for any other reason, this is it!

We used & sold the generic intake spacers for years! But it was time for an update. This is our “Pro Intake Spacer”. In the past you would need to dremel down your cylinder head and cut you cooling shroud plastics to make a intake spacer fit flush & seal, not anymore.

Our 28mm(tall) “Pro Intake Spacer” is a direct bolt on, no modifying anything! Not to mention, it comes anodized gold and is sealed with a square o-ring for maximum sealing, no more one time use paper gaskets or messy sealants to deal with. The intakes sidewalls are thick enough you won’t have to worry about bending the o-ring channel (like others in the past). The intake port is 28mm to match the high flow cylinder heads and intakes, no need to port match.

Kit includes:

2 stainless steel Allen head m6x45-1.0 bolts 

1 square o-ring 

1 Pro Intake Spacer


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