172cc GY6 drop in crate engine
172cc GY6 drop in crate engine
172cc GY6 drop in crate engine
172cc GY6 drop in crate engine

172cc GY6 drop in crate engine

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Are you looking for big drop in power? This GY6 171cc or as others call a 172cc Drop in crate engine is the set up! We utilize Jeff Pfeiffer out of Washington (aka #mayor_of_wa_riders) to build all of our drop in ready motors. We put together the two most common builds into 2 options for you to choose from. We give you the option for a CVT transmission kit, choose our Ultimate CVT kit or our Standard Performance CVT kit, choose a forged piston or cast piston, choose exposed belt or not, and finally choose rear disc brakes or standard drum brakes. All kits will come with a 28mm pro carburetor and short wheel axle. You will need to select a exhaust system and stator to complete the build (stator not included) and depending on your engine set up, you may need a carburetor clocking flange. Remember there is no warranty on performance products so it is important to break in the engine properly. Vary the engine RPMs while riding not pushing the motor to hard. Change the oil at 100 miles and you’re good! After placing this order expect 2-3 weeks lead time as we build this motor for you. You will have the option to change specs based on your riding style and also any cosmetic changes. These options include: high altitude piston, case brace color, brake caliper colors and carburetor size. Your gonna love it!

Here are the options:

ProBld Ultimate Drop in 171cc Crate Engine

ProBld Forged 171cc Builder Motor 

Ultimate ProBld/Reveno CVT kit (with steel pulley upgrade) 

Short wheel axle kit 

171cc Gear up kit 

ProBld Case Brace with ankle biter (Black) 

ProBld Rear disk brake kit (Black) 

high torque starter (now included)



Rolling Wrench Standard 171cc Drop in Crate Engine (looks like a stock engine from the outside)

Rolling Wrench Cast 171cc builder motor 

Rolling Wrench Standard Performance CVT kit 

Short wheel axle kit 

High torque starter (now included) 

 If you want something different then this option CLICK HERE



NOTE: The engine will come with the stock kickstart cover with kickstart. Fine tuning will need to be done by you.