Universal performance CDI/coil combo unit

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Here we have our Ban-Jing universal microchip performance CDI/coil combo unit. This unit will increase your fuel mileage while giving you better performance and easy start ups. You would believe the difference in spark from your stock scoot! This little guy puts out 32000 volts at the plug! This will work on all single cylinder engines not mater the size. It will work with both 2 and 4 stroke engines. The install is very simple, only 3 wires.

Red wire: power when key is on (We use the kill switch power so the kill switch will work properly)

Black wire: simply a ground wire

Blue wire: install this wire to the signal from the stator ( most of the time is a blue wire)



-easy start up

-no rev limit from our testing

-better fuel economy 

-mega strong spark


We recommend using a iridium spark plug with this unit. This unit will bypass your original ignition coil. Don't forget to remove it after the install.