NCY 70cc big bore cylinder kit (Ceramic coated) 10mm piston pin

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Is your scooter to slow? Thats what I thought! This big bore kit will solve the problem of loosing speed going up hills, give you about twice the acceleration power, and even give you a higher top speed. You can't go wrong upgrading your engine to 70cc. One important detail you must know is your stock scooter has a 50cc oil pump installed on it from the factory. This pumps 2-stroke oil into your engine automatically as you ride. When installing a 70cc big bore kit you must add about a tablespoon (about a cap full from your 2t oil bottle) of oil when you fill your gas up. This will insure your now 70cc engine is getting the proper oil amount. 

This kit will work on all Jog/Minarelli (or 40QMB engines. This number can be found on the left side of the engine case) 2-stroke  engines with a 10mm piston pin. If you are unsure what you have let us know your model in the comment section at check out.

Also, don't forget when putting a larger cylinder on your scooter, to upjet your carburetor. We recommend starting your jetting rich and then working your way down to the perfect mix. 


AC Ceramic Plated Aluminum Cylinder Kit
47.6mm Bore (69.6cc with stock stroke)
5 Transfer Ports
12mm Wrist Pin
Single Compression Ring
Bridged Exhaust Port

    Supported models:

    Yamaha Zuma 50 YW50 This will not fit zuma 96-01 models
    Vino 2T
    Yamaha Jog 50 1991-2001
     Axis Breeze
    Vento Triton Zip
    TNG LS49 Venice
    Adly: Fox, Jet, Noble, Thunderbike,
    Malaguti: F10, F12, F15, Fire fox, Yesterday,
    most Chinese two stroke scooters
    BWS 2002-2011

    United Motors X-Speed 50 (00-05)

    Vento Triton Zip 50

    Strada 50

    Muz 50

    Mosquito 50

    PGO -Genuine Buddy 50cc, Black Cat 50cc, and Rattler 50


    Eton Beemer and Matrix 50

    This kit will only work on scooters with a 10mm Wrist Pin.



    If you want even more power check ut our stage 2 kit