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12V Lithium Battery Charger

12V Lithium Battery Charger

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A charger to use with the most advanced high-power Lithium Iron Phosphate battery technology from BikeMaster.The unit is designed for charging / maintaining lithium-ion batteries. This charger will also work with standard wet cell batteries as well. It’s a ll in one charger. As long as you have a 12v system it will work. That includes automotive, watercraft, snowmobile, and powersport applications. This is a storage charger (trickle) it turns off when the battery is full and turns back on when the battery is low. This is a set it and forget it type charger. No need to keep checking on it. We use these on all our scooters and motorcycles when they are parked. It even comes with a fancy plug adaptor to attach to the battery. The plug hangs out and you simply plug it in to the charger. No need for the clamps that are supplies, that’s just a bonus.


Input: AC 120V, 60Hz; Output: DC 12V, 2A.Built-in circuit protection guards

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