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Rolling Wrench

100 piece all in one solder joint kit

100 piece all in one solder joint kit

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If you are looking for a incredible easy way to attach wires together, look no further. In our opinion there is no other way to do such a pro job! This saves a ton of time

-integrated heat shrink


- glue (making it waterproof)

literally within 5 seconds you will have your wires attached with solder, heat shrunk, and sealed (making them water proof). These joints are incredibly durable!

It is recommended you use a heat gun for best results, but a lighter can be used (use the bottom portion of the flame, its the hottest part).


what comes in the kit?

1 carrying case

25 (white) AWG 26-24 connectors

35 (red) AWG 22-18 connectors

30 (blue) AWG 16-14 connectors

10 (yellow) AWG 12-10 connectors



-----------------RoHS compliant---------------------



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