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This Chinese scooter DC CDI box is a direct replacement for your Chinese scooter with much better quality. There can be some confusion if you have a AC or a DC CDI box. Here is a simple way of knowing. You have

-  4 stroke scooter 49cc-150cc

- The CDI box in the picture is the same size (trust me you will know a AC CDI box is much smaller)

- The headlight turn on when the key is in the on position even without the scooter running (most models not all)

- The two plug connector on the CDI only has one wire going into it.(even know it has a spot for two) The is the best way of knowing!


Most scooter will have the smaller AC CDI box. It is important to do the research first. There is no returns on electrical products. If you install a AC CDI box into a DC scooter the CDI box will smoke and potentially start on fire (Yikes!)


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