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Rolling Wrench

Chinese Scooter Upgrade Kit

Chinese Scooter Upgrade Kit

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Rolling Wrench works with Chinese scooters on a regular basis. Through the years we have found the problems with these scooters. We know the differences between Chinese scooters and other scooters. So we have put together a package to upgrade the quality of your Chinese scooter. This kit is a must for every Chinese made scooter. This kit will include  two packs of high grade Helix fuel and vacuum line. You will get a pair of valve stems, a NGK brand spark plug, a magnetic drain plug kit, fuel filter and a quart of high quality motor oil. This is kit really is a must if you want any longevity out of your Chinese scooter. Chinese scooters can be great scooters as long as you address the problematic parts. This kit will save you so many headaches down the road.



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