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Honda Metropolitan Plug & Play EVI Performance CDI/Coil Combo

Honda Metropolitan Plug & Play EVI Performance CDI/Coil Combo

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The Honda Metropolitan performance EVI Motor Brain CDI / Coil combo will fit all Honda Metros up until 2012. We have personally wired this unit up to make this a simple 10 minute installed. 

Why should you have this on your Honda Metropolitan ?

-32,000 volt ⚡️Arc at the plug! (This thing is like a mini stun gun)

-advances ignition timing & removes the factory rev-limiter

- better fuel economy 

- quicker acceleration 

- higher top speed


*****Not ideal for the rare Metropolitan II. Due to its multiple restrictions. The EVI will delete the rev limiter on the metropolitan 2 no problem. But you still have the cam, exhaust, and intake spacer, and carburetor to deal with for peak performance. For the standard Metropolitan, no problem. These restrictions do not apply.*****


we recommend this set up with an iridium spark plug to compete your high class ignition system. click here for the plug


We also sale the NCY performance Cdi box that is very nice as well: click here


  • The following items are not acceptable for return: All High-Performance Parts, Electrical Items (Battery Chargers, Controllers, CDIs, Regulators, Stators, etc.), Oils/Chemicals (consumables) or any used parts


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